Our Mission

Our mission is to provide awareness, prevention and counselling of parental mental health issues related to childbearing years, specifically during your pregnancy and first year after babies birth.

If you are a new mom or an experienced mom, we understand that everyone has their unique needs and with the right help you will be ok. Perinatal mental health issues do not discriminate. Speak to us today should you feel you are experiencing any symptoms or feel you may be at risk.

Some Facts

Did you know?

Baby Blues only lasts between 2 days to 2 weeks after birth – therefore anything after that is more serious. Baby blues presents itself with tearfulness, reactivity, and exhaustion.

Should you be feeling overwhelmed, lack of connection with baby, are anxious, aggitated, irritable and have increased somatic symptoms (headaches, backaches) then please seek help.

How to know if you need help?

If you are on this website, then it is the right time to seek help.
You are so brave and you are not alone!


  • Educational workshops for groups on awereness of perinatal issues which could be experienced during pregnacy or after birth.
  • What are the signs of needing help
  • What to look out for in your loved ones
  • Risks of not getting help
  • Assumptions of motherhood

Counselling Mothers

I provide a safe counselling space for mothers who feel that they are experiencing any struggles with the transition into motherhood.
Social support is essential to assure mental health of women, men, children and their family during pregnancy and the pospartum period.

If mom is ok, then baby is ok.

If you experience any feelings of absolute dispair, please seek help immediately

Sadag office:

011 234 4837

destiny helpline:

0800 41 42 43

hdi “you decide” youth helpline:

0800 33 33 37

adcock ingram depression and anxiety helpline:

0800 70 80 90

Melissa Barnard

BSocSci Psych/Couns (SACAP)

BSocSci Psych Hons (SACAP) (completing)


I found my passion through my journey

By becoming a mother, I found myself with feelings that I had never felt before. During my process of understanding, I found my passion and love to help guide mothers through this beautiful journey they are on. I am passionate about empowering mothers and aiding in resources to help them understand what is happening and how to get well.

contact us

info@aluz.co.za | 083 281 8658

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Mums Support Network

I am affiliated with

Mums Support Network

WhatsApp Groups

Our local WhatsApp groups are available 24/7 - Many mums are awake at odd hours with their babies; there is usually someone available at any time of the day to offer advice, encouragement and a sense of solidarity.

Support Group Meetings and Coffee Mornings

We have a number of face-to-face get-togethers across KZN and Benoni where mothers can meet up to chat openly and without judgement. It is tremendously comforting to be in the company of other people who are going through similar trials and to know that they are not alone.

Online Support

For those mothers who do not live in an area close to any of our meetings, we have a ‘remote’ group which holds regular chats online.

Facebook Page

The Facebook page offers useful articles, links and gropu news. giving mums the resources to tackle their mental health or motherhood challenges.